Cosmopolitan with a scent landscape

Cosmopolitan Twarda 4 is the first and so far the only apartment building in Poland that has its own scent landscape.

How does Cosmopolitan smell? To answer this question you need to get to know its residents – what their life style is like, what inspires them, what their passions are.

A resident of Cosmopolitan is a satisfied, successful person – they love travelling, live actively and healthily, and appreciate a high quality of life. Freedom and independence are important to them and they have unique passions to which they dedicate their free time. They are very demanding, so they expect high quality sensory experiences that at the same time are neutral and non-intrusive. For people like them, fragrance expert Marta Siembab and designer Maciej Kawecki’s studio created the first sensory map of a residential building in Poland.


The Cosmopolitan brand is luminous, bright and spatial in its sensory dimension. It is characterized by movement, dynamics and joy of life, but also genuineness and authenticity. Elegant and discreet, the brand represents the modern day luxury.


Each part of the building plays a different role and consequently, has a different scent. For example, the reception welcomes incoming guests with elegant, discreet smell of fresh figs, creating an impression of light, clean and open space. It emphasises the modern character of interior design and evokes a feeling of luxury stemming from quality.

The office part of the building also has its distinctive smell – it is dominated by a hint of blackcurrant, introducing the atmosphere of pure freshness of nature.

“Cooperation with Cosmopolitan was a great pleasure for us. A light, simple and practical structure of the building was a perfect background for designing for the senses. The discreet interior design and the ambitious space planning were an inspiration for turning visual experiences into sensory landscape,” said Marta Siembab, an independent fragrance expert, a pioneer in using scent for space planning, and the owner of Senselier studio.