Children and celebrities decorate the largest Easter Egg on Grzybowski Square!

Andrzej Pągowski, Radzimir Dębski, Katarzyna Sokołowska and dozens of small artists from a nearby school and orphanage. It was they who created the largest Warsaw Easter egg on Grzybowski Square. Colorful Easter egg is a result of incredible action “Write off, paint – Cosmopolitan charity for the Easter.” Eggs will go to auction, with which the income  will be transfered  the Children’s House No. 2 in Warsaw.

50 children from Children’s Home No 2 at ul. Grzybowska and from Elementary School No. 220 in Warsaw, turned the Easter egg into a beautiful colored egg. The neighbors from Grzybowski Square, the famous inhabitants of the Cosmopolitan Building, helped then to decorate . Among guest You could meet Composer Radzimir Dębski. Why was he involved in this action?

I like the initiatives in witch there is a message. In this case we have a local communityand children involved in helping the orphans of the orphanage. Together we decorate the egg, but above all we spend time together, have fun with it, “comments Jimek.

The design of the two-meter egg was prepared by the outstanding Polish artist and graphic artist Andrzej Pągowski.

“I was happy to see how these little artists creatively developed my proposal. Children just need a little hint and their creativity will fill the rest. The real artist should have sensitivity of the child as long as possible – said Pągowski.